so you think you know me

I am often seen  on flicr

link to my flcir  xox


Wearing Gorgeous Gowns, In reality I  rarely wear them.  mainly because I rarely if ever go anywhere in SL to wear them. but theyre so Beautiful and inspiring for a  great photoshoot.

If you do wear Gowns and go to  some of the  Fabulous places that still have formal events such as the TITANIC  Ballroom  then I do recommend  you check out DESIR’ and FLOWERDREAMS theyre so beautifully made and  my personal prefrences.


Often I am building onsim, its my way of winding down,  and   I will usually  be wearing a tank  and pants,  dont ask me why, I just feel  more  work inspired  dressed like that LOL.

But not knowing who is going  to   drop in, I try to always look stylish, Mr Mills has caught me  on the hop half edited a couple of times,  eeek.

I like muted  colors, and the pants and top from mon tissu are great  but the flippin alphas  are not so  great,  I hate that slight gap that seems to be endemic,  but  have noticed with  the later mesh its improving.

c mon designers, send  updated  alphas  to your  customers,

Have a super weekend

Much Love



ps I am loving MIA SNOW skins  atm  xox

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