Having a moment

Sometimes, I  wake  in the night, cant sleep, so I  attempt ot login to SL, One of my absolute fave places,  where tbh there are   some of the nicest people I have met is INSPIRE SPACE PARK and if Grafx is playing a set  then its even better,  that guy seriously is on awesome music  specialist.

I used  to nearly live there, and  it  used  to be such a friendly place where you could have a  laugh and joke with  people  from all over the world, not to mention some of the most amazing AVI’s I have ever seen,.

Recently however as  seems to be a problem with a lot of places I am going to, its just taking so long to rezz  and  once it starts to you can guarantee I am  getting logged out, its ok firestorm blahh ing about being the most stable viewer with less crashes, it logging you out  before you crash so it doesnt get into the crash statistics.

I  so loved Runway, but  just  cant even attempt to apply for shows at the moment,  because  I am   being constantly  logged out, or the sim disappears and I end up in blue areas, it wouldnt be fair to  the show  creators to  have to rely on me getting back or  atm even walking straight is sometimes hard.

I am all for innovation and upgrades, but pleeeeeeeeeeeeese we dont  all have superfast  comps or connections,  I am lucky enough to be able to log in, and it used to be so much fun, but just lately, I am going  to start pulling my hair out  with the sheer frustration  of  these new viewers,

Wishing you a lag and  crash free weekend

Much love




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