ONE of the BEST Things to ever happen in SL

One  of the Best things  I have seen in SL,  this campaign  has to be it. started  by two of the nicest people I know and supported by many others,.

In todays world  of corruption , hatred,  greed and war,  many people stand back and say wellllll  what can I do,  because we all feel so freakin helpless against Multi-national corporations, faceless Beaurocrats,  Governments that are only truly interested in what they can each screw out of the country for personal gain,, Senseless Wars, Bullies,  Intolerance, Selfishness and a general feeling of  despondency by many individuals.

Suddenly someone takes a stand and  one tiny step, finds that others want to take that step also, and so  the step becomes a walk and a journey of discovery  that we can all help to stop someting we dont like, if we support each other in  the journey and suddenly it becomes clear that . Yes  we can  make a difference and stand up against the hatred and the bullies that  many have endured for  such a long time.


I urge each and everyone of us to take a step with this campaign and  to  walk with each other in Peace and Understanding.

For more information on   this please follow the link and lets hope for better  worlds in  our lives.


Much Love




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