Ale always suprises me ,  a talented  designer,  with some amazing   styles,  so when she  asked me to model this bikini part of her  new range of fabuloussssss summer wear, I was only too happy to .

She has recently  bought out  a whole range of  stunning   zingy colored  clothes,   ranging  from Bikinis,  Pants, Tops, Shorts and even shoes and sandals, all  co ordinating, This is  her Cecilie cross over  bikini in green,  wonderfully tropical  and so very feminine.

So if you are looking for  some  color in your world,  take a  trip to ALEIDA today.

much Love



3 comments on “COLOR your WORLD with ALEIDA

  1. Xia I also like Angel …………… what is your real name ………. as I read in your description I can afford to give good appreciation by ………. fantastic descriptions, a surprising sweetness, describe things of a simplicity and love at the same time you join those who will read, for the passion you put into your work,
    I hope you will bounce back soon from your cold,
    a hug and a wonderful day for you after waking.

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