SSD Frills – perfection

I have a thing about  Tribal design,  I dread to think what a psychologist would say about me,  but beautiful earthy colors with a  splash of  sunshine, I likey.

So when Sax Shepherd of SSD Designs, sent me this beautiful Jewelry set Part of the brand new range I  had to log in to  just  check it out n take a photo, I have a realllly bad  flu in rl,  3 weeks on I am feeling verrrrrrry   poorly,  but curiosity just got the better of  me and I knowwwww that SSD do  the most perfect jewlery, every  prim is perfection, High detail,  and with a resizer its just so wearable,

They are  about to launch their new store full of goodies I  cant wait for it to open  to see the full range.

Here I am wearing  one of the fabulous Poetry sets in Amber,  consisting of Necklace, earrings, armbands and  anklets, Highly detailed  beadwork  on  superb leather.

Wear on the beach,  wear in RP, wear dancing, or just wear for the sheer  pleasure of it,

I am wearing  This lovley SSD Frills set with  one of ALEIDAs  Bjorg bikini range, perfect for lounging in the sun , listening to fave music or  maybe a beach party with friends,

Wherever you wear  SSD Frills jewelry,  you are sure to get noticed.

Have a wonderful day

Much Love Xia


SSD FRILLS   Brand new Store  with  wonderful  POETRY SETS in   a myriad of  colors    now open  :)))))

from- Sax Shepherd Desgns – Frills, Seven Veils (32, 91, 501) – Moderate

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