Ripples of thought

The Fantasy Faire will soon be over for anothe year in a few days time. I for one will be sad to see it go, Not only  are the sims  full of beautiful and amazing creations, The actual Builds on the said sims are truly  Fabulous.

I also love the  conveneience of having  all that amazing fantasy Hair, Skin, Clothing,  Build,  furniture, and  more all in one area,

Also  the  fact that the  American Cancer society benefits  has got to be a plus, shopping with a concience  has to be the nicest way to shop.

EMO-tions   has   such amazing  hair  this is one of the styles  specifically for the event, Thankyou Mirja Mills,  of EMO-tions, I have noted  that    at the events I have attended, EMO-tions is always prominent and always  there are truly fabulous items  put out  for support, its refreshing to see.

Please support this wonderful event,  before its all gone for another year. its not just a shopping trip, its an experience,   I am  going to be a little late  on flicr, as I  am heading off to the faire to make sure  I see absolutley everything, I wish you a  truly lovley day, and  just in case you need it here is the Taxi  to the Fantasy Faire,;-

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