The Gateway

I will find inspiration  from a variety of sources,  music, dreams a photo or work that just happens,  this  shot was a basic  SL shot, and  by  editing it, it has now become a source of   the  urge to build from  this a 3D model,  and beyond.

Often I will start with one idea and find that the rest will flow naturally  almost as if it is talking  to me, something will catch my eye and that will be the  next section, somehow  this process works well for me and it  makes the  whole thing flow.

The  hardest part is the end, because  there is still so much I want to add but no space or prims. but  no work is infinite, so I suppose its good that I am forced to stop.

This build should be an interesting and challenging one, as  I   still need to master some skills,  I am at present  trying to get my head round  blender, but  its not the easiest programme out there.

I would like to avoid using sculpties as much as possible,  but know that  they will  have to be   used  at some points.

This idea will play round in my  mind for a short time,,  before  I start it, as I still have so much to learn.

It is however  very tempting to just jump in now and swim like hell ,

have a  wonderful  day

Much love



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