As a Model  in SL we are  often percieved to have ” A style” some will  favour  haute  Couture, others  casual and chic, the list goes on,  In shows we are  given what to wear and have to style  accordingly, which we  happily  do to the best of our abilities.

Every so often and given the multitude of choices available in this world of  possibilities, we will  find a dress or item of jewelry    that really inspires us.

Now I bought this  gown  from Nile  Karas of  Flowerdreams a  while ago and like so many it went to my invent with   the possibility of seeing the light  of day at some point, Niles Gowns are usually  romantic  soft  pretty,  and very beautiful,  This one was different to her usual  style  and  I fell in love with it, reallllly in love with it.

I am sure  Nile never intended for this  gown to be worn  with a Top  Hat,  and  pair of  Doc martin boots with ribbon laces,  but that is me, typical, push boundaries and break rules.

I dont  get attached  to  much in SL but this one outfit is  so  me,  I have  been wandering round in it for  2 days  now  and really dont want to take it  off ever  LOL.

I actually  went  out in it last night to my fave  place to  wind down in SL,  fortunatley Inspire space park is full of  amazing and lovingly created  avatars that are so out of this world its   a sight to behold,  so I  fitted in  perfectly,  The music  was  fabulous,  the particles amazing,  and the general ambience  was  friendly,  perfect  outfit, perfect day, perfect end to that day.

Hair with Hat is from Mirai shan,

Gown  is from  Flowerdreams

Boots  Xst.

Bangles purple moon

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