I have known and admired Nile for a long time, I have a penchant for her gowns and there are so many beautiful ones to choose from, I bought this aptly named Nile gown, beacuse it is like her, beautiful, amazing and romantic, This is such a lovley gown, I love to be able to wear such beautiful creations, sadly there are not so many places in SL as there used to be and informal seems to rule now, but always the optimist, I love dancing, yet never get time, I am saving my gowns for the next wonderfully formal event, I hope you had a beautiful Easter, and wish you all a really amazing week Much love Xia xox This is one of many exquisite gowns available at FLOWERDREAMS

*FLOWERDREAMS CREATIONS by Nile Karas *, Fashion Boulevard (42, 111, 21) – General

<a href=”http://fashionfeed.thebestofsl.com/2012/04/flowerdreams-gowns/” rel=”nofollow”>fashionfeed.thebestofsl.com/2012/04/flowerdreams-gowns/</a>

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