Thoughts and observations


There was a charity Auction  in SL  at the weekend,  Thankfully  there was a good turnout, and the  Models did a great  job of  showing the items  up for auction, despite the lag,  which was unavoidable  due to the number of Avatars and scripts racing round  Patch Thibaud Auditorium,  Wonderful place for shows and events if you  get the  time.

I was  applauding a bit wildly for everyone  who  walked that  Runway,  but thats  just me, I appreciate how hard it can be at times.


What may not  have helped is the luvvies, who just turned up to be seen to be there not bothering to turn up at all, we all know the ones, we have seen them  doing the mwuah mwuah bla bla,  parking their avas, and then  off to watch tv or something,  NOT FUNNY, it takes up precious BANDWIDTH  stupid,

I am aware that I am not a popular person in the modelly  crowd,  it so easy to upset someone  and not realise you did it, but  they wont tell you to your face, be sure of that, same with designers,  heaven knows  how I upset some of them, but its seems like I may have and  word will travel like wildfire,  so if your starting out on  the modelling trail in SL, dont follow my example, if you get bad service and  are upset,  dont complain,  you will be  blacklisted  LOL,

In the main most are very nice people,its just a few who have their  heads up their asses, dont let  a few  bad apples  upset you, I did at one time  then thought  hey whyyy are you letting these people get to you,  theyre NOT gods or godesses despite them  thinking they are, I truly do admire the creativity of  them, but really see no reason for the Godlike status  they crave.

Life has changed so much for me over  the past 8 months,  from  staying on sim  alone nonstop and just building, I have  stepped into a complex world of groups, people and events that  were a little overwhelming and  many  may think me  quiet, I dont  spend hours Imming people, because I know they are busy  and also, I have a rather warped sense of humor,  and I may upset someone inadvertantly,  its just too easy  to do in an imm.

I would like to Thank those who did go to the  Ronald McDonald House charity event, the  ones  who  participated in it and were not just seen to be there,  and hope it raised a lot of  funds for a worthy cause.

Finally,  Please  have a really  lovley week,

Much Love



Hair in this pic is  Mesh hair from Wasabi Pills xox

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