I would like to congratulate  the  other winners of Face of ALEIDA  and apologise  for my  lateness  in doing so, Its been a  little  manic  just recently, I finally   got a  bath after 2 days no water, irreverant power cuts  and noise from  the barn  being  cleared  over the field, some ass set fire to it and  it was  pretty  spectacular to see. ALEIDA  kindly   sent all the  winners a gift voucher to buy things from her store,  which was really  nice and  to be honest  the Group Gifts are  also pretty cool,  both for  guys and  gals, anyway, I bought  loadsssss of shoes,  some of her skins they  are   verrrrrry nice,  hair base  option, cleavage options    and the Make ups eyeshadows  and lip colors. The Beauty of  ALEIDAs  range is the unusual colors  and  superb textures she uses,  also the shoes,  Boots  and  Make ups  all  match  and tone with the  fab clothes in store, so no  need  to run round the grid like crazy for that perfect match pair of shoes,  its all there for you. I  loved this dress its  classy, works well for   a  lunch meeting, a day  at  the  gallery,  anywhere you want to  look chic, its not overstated nor  understated.   But no matter  where you are , you  will  be noticed, Style card from tip to  toe;- Hair-Boon Eyes -Fashism Skin -ALEIDA ZIZI skin  in medium Eyelashes- Lelutka  touch curl Earrings  -Finesmith Nails- Finesmith Lip color  ALEIDA 004 Dress-ALEIDA STEFANI  in OLIVE  available in several colors Pumps-ALEIDA NATALIE CROC  PUMPS in Olive, also available in several colors. Taxi to  ALEIDA ;-

I would like to…

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