My graduation from MA Agency was a kind of turning point in my SL life, I was now a certified Bona Fide Model.

This was where it all started wow I was a Model,  actually  no I wasnt,  I was a certified model   but not modelling,  what was I expecting, the SL fashion world to fall at my feet, well expecting that is naive, it is not going to happen , ever.

I started to look at competitions, there are many going on,  joining the models groups was a good information source of what, who, where, and reading blogs that came through, some were informative, some just a pic with fashion details, However they do give you and idea of current trends on the grid,
MA Agency were at the time running a contest for SL Prime Model, so I entered, it was fantasy themed for the elements, we could choose earth, air ,fire, water, from the above pic, I should say it was kind of obvious that my entry was water.
This was the first round of the contest and yes I did make it to the finals.
I was awarded a Top Model title for MA Agency.
For me the best part of the contest was meeting a lady who was not only a super model, but has since become one of my closest friends.
I entered a lot of contests at this point in time, stretching my newly certifed limbs and exploring the many styles required.
Now I dont socialise too much in SL , bit of a loner in many ways,  but I do watch and learn, and I hate to say it but some contests are pretty biased. If you dont fit in or have the right connections, no matter how good your styling, how fabulous you look, how amazing your poses, you are wasting time and money even considering entering.
also be aware of the scam contests, there is one on the grid right now that keep appearing in group notices.
Lets just say its for lingerie, enter that one at your own risk, I spose we should all feel sorry for the poor man, or try to see the funny side, but for a new model who is looking to get started and really has no idea of the pitfalls iit can be very upsetting after the event.
I still felt that even after CAPA and MA that I needed to know more, typical me, 2 certificates and I am still not happy LOL.
So after looking round at other training schools, I wanted what was the best or seen to be the best, and after some consideration I applied to MVW, Paid my dues and started the course.
I learned a lot, I learned fast and I learned to take criticism in a positive way, to use what I was being taught to improve and push myself to the best of my ability and beyond.
The tutors were great. and I so so wanted to Graduate, My first attempt I failed miserabely, I was so upset.
So I reapplied, took on board what I had done wrong, worked at the main issues,  fixed them and sailed through my second attempt. I had done it,  graduated from MVW, and then came my ultimate goal to be invited to be a BLVD Model had been a dream for me that I never thought achievable, I had wanted that from day one of my serious thoughts about becoming a model in SL.
So I had graduated, how to become a BLVD Model, and One day shortly after my graduation, there it was from Mr Frolic Mills, The Ultimate for me, an Invite to become one of BLVD.
I am still a very new model, always learning, always seeking to improve, I guess I could say ok well you have reached your goal now just lay back and enjoy it,  but for me it is just another beginning,  a time to push myself harder,  work harder, and keep momentum.
But through all this and beyond, I will always strive to keep my feet firmly on the ground, to keep my compassion and consideraton for others uppermost.
There are Divas and Divas, and they are not the same and I sure as hell know which one of them I wish to be.




My final  word on  this post.

Dare to Dream:))

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