Now that got your attention LOL;

Hi there and welcome to my blog, I have  had a few blogs and been very  lacksadaisical in keeping up with them, I have heard it said  that blogs can be addictive and some peeps  have to blog everything they do, bit like FB  when you keep updating  status, I wish I could do that, but time and life and all that stuff kinda stops me,

However I  do want to  keep this on updated and on a roll so to speak, so if any of you guys or even IF any of you are reading this codswallop  that is being typed   woooo NO TYPOS so far, see me slacking, please  send  me the proverbial digikick  and Thankyou ;

I am going  to be or try to be  as open and honest in this as possible, it is just a recodr of my Journey through SL as a model,   but I will be also  including my personal views on things, You are welcome to respond in the comment  box, in fact I would truly appreciate it as healthy debate is pretty stimulating,  but please dont get abusive, its uncalled for and unwarranted,  unless you have a personal  beef with me, then please send   an e mail  and I will try my best to resolve it.

So far, I  have  come up  through  the modelling courses pretty well , I am not perfect, have made mistakes and done my best to correct them, I am always learning,  the day I say I know it all is the day I  die,

I have found  though that in SL its  kind of  difficult  to try to do your best, there will always be those  that wish  to put you down,  and those are  mainly people  who are arrogant enough to think they do know it all  and are somewhat better  than us mere mortals, personally I pity them.

I remember my first basic  modelling course,  it was a free one with capa,  and to be honest was a very good  basic grounding, I had absolutley NO idea of the amount of work involved  in Runway,  or  even how to  load  a  pose into an AO,  shame on me I know,  but  I learned a lot at CAPA,  the tutors  were   so patient and helpful,  also I attended Models Workshop which again  is free  and I still attend time allowing,  but for me its kind of at that time where |I feel ok or am desperate to close my eyes  and sleep and I am guilty of falling asleep on my computer at  odd times, not good for the keyboard I  assure you. but Models  workshop is  a really  wonderful and  helpful place to go if you wish to pursue the Modelling path in SL.

I was by this  time starting  to become besotted with modelling, so  checked   with  my fave  tutor which  course she was  teaching and where, this turned out to  be MA school of Modelling and  I enrolled there  for the next course, If I thought CAPA had opened my eyes, MA  blew them out of their sockets, this was serious  stuff, and no messing, we were  nursed walked and bullied  in the nicest possible way through the steps of modelling and  being the best we could, and  had to work as a team to  get the grad show together and  co ordinated for the big night, whilst also  getting  outfits designed, put together and choreos, or in my case  chaos the show.

Most  of my fellow students were amazing but there are always the few  that no matter how pleasant  or nice you are,  will always have  a kind of antipathy towards you,again the  ones  who think they know it all and cannot stand the fact that you have worked your ass off  and  subsequently it shows in  your performance  leading them to  feel jealous, and resentful,

I remember one such  lady, if I  can  be generous enough to give her that title,  she had bought a model  AO (The smartass  came up with that idea, really should be stopped) and her resume read like the SL whos  who, definitely no shrinking violet this one, well she was all over  the place,  and  right in front of me, ahhh hell,  I was  still a  nervous beginner and trying my best, This  damn AO of hers was poncing all all over the place arms swinging, head nodding I am the coolest chic on the block (NOTTTT).

I digress, anyway she was  in front of me, I am trying desperately to stay focused, remember my stops,  hit the correct poses  etc, and she is  5 seconds in front of  me and that  long runway was suddenly a very very short one.

Off I go  after the 5 second  pose she had  kind of  performed, and bang she is all over the place, anywhere  but where she should be by now, and of course the inevitable bump into each other happened, now I should  have been watching her more carefully  admittedly, but it was more or less the 3rd time I had ever been on a runway, and  my very first show,  and ok  it was only  rehearsal, and these things  happen.

I stupidly apologise for a bump that wasnt my fault, and the IM I got from here was absolutley vicious and quite frankly unrepeatable, I was actually quite shocked.

So always there  will be truly amazing  people who will go out of their way to help you and others  who are so precious to themselves that they possibly would  not spit on you if you were on fire, best advice  with these types, is to just let them be and  walk on  by,  and never ever forget, You are unique, your skills are just as viable as any one elses,  and you are also, Just as special as the ones who think they are.

Be you Be happy and Be yourself,

Much Love




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