and moving on

Its been quite a journey, since I wrote that first post, and saldy I have neglected blogging, I had another blog that was also neglected , due to my priorities being to learn more about  actual modelling and  also my recently discovered passion for SL photography, 

since my very first post I have now become

BLVD Model, this  was something I could only have dreamed of and for me was the ultimate.

AVCON Model another respectable  Modelling agency

MA Top Model a  superb agency

TLG Model,  I model for The Looking Glass sim in second Life a beautiful build and  creations  by Sahrni Azalee and Marcus Inkpen, both are  personal friends.

PRINT MODEL for Jersey shore fashion,  creations by the  fabulous Glitter Bollissima.

and recently

FACE OF ALEIDA , I feel so honored to be a part of this  team.

I am also involved in the fashion feed of BOSL which I find stimulating and  fun check out the website its pretty cool  and full of  informative and fun  information  about  Second Life,

so there you have it an  update of  why my blog has been so neglected.

Much love



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